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Lake Macquarie Local, developed by a local for locals, is here to allow any business based in or around the Lake Macquarie area and others who supply services to the Lake Macquarie region to promote their services and be found on the World Wide Web.

We want to support primarily Lake Macquarie businesses however we also want to assist those wishing to move to the town and area in their setting up home here, thus adding to the growth of the town. We therefore also promote those businesses with a record of supporting the local Lake Macquarie region.

We do however reserve the right to refuse notices or advertisements on the basis on content. We also want to be sure that those services we do promote can easily be found on the site so we do not desire to clutter our pages with non-commercial notices.

We build all our websites without the use of code programming tools but rather we build from the basic code. This allows for our websites to be found more easily on the Internet by search engines [Google etc] and makes editing and managing the data and content of the site, tho manually, actually easier and with more security, with less likelihood of losing data as is the case with CMS and cloud based websites. Our clients websites are more regularly on page one of relevant searches and our combined more than 80 years marketing experience help give us a winning record over the past 12 years of building commercial websites.

Please feel free to call us on 0408 211 120 DURING OUR OFFICE HOURS ONLY PLEASE which are from 9AM to 5PM to discuss your requirements.

Robert J Wilson

Aboutime Web CommunicationsRobert lives in Summerland Point on the Central New South Wales Coast having owned and managed a number of businesses in Sydney over the past 45 years.

Roberts expertise is in specific SEO [Search Engine Optimisation] techniques and practices and is the reason why many of our sites are on page one in many Google Listings. His personal clients include many businesses around Sydney and the Central Coast.

Robert is the producer of the special projects AUSTRALIA MY LAND and ABOUT OVER FIFTY among others.

For more information go to his business website at ABOUTIME ABOUT SEO.


Lyle Stacpoole [BA, DipM]

Stacpoole InternetLyle put his first self built website online in 1996 to help promote his music after a discussion with a well-established recording industry manager in 1992.

After obtaining his Bachelor of Arts in Music and Communications Studies, which included a number of units on Website Construction, and attending a Internet Marketing Seminar in Sydney in 2006 Lyle decided that websites was where he could be to replace over 20 years in the building industry as a sole trader and paint representative. His marketing skills learned over the decades of 'learning to sell' himself started from his first painting boss and his early experience around the same time selling Amway.

Lyle came to Mount Barker Western Australia in February 2013 to get away from the city and suburbia and has recently moved to Kendenup where he has built his first home in over 25 years. Having grown up on a farm in northern Victoria he is happy to be back in rural surroundings.

Lyle now works from his new home office in Kendenup with clients all over Australia and is Project Manager of the special projects AUSTRALIA MY LAND and ABOUT OVER FIFTY among others.

For more information about Lyle's services and clients go to his business website at STACPOOLE INTERNET and his music website - STACPOOLE MUSIC AND TUTORIALS.


Ary Pitoyo [ProfGraphics]

JustuKlixAry is situated in Yogyakarta Indonesia and through a mutual Australian business contact became an associate of Lyle and Robert and now provides vital back-up support for the more technical side of the internet itself.

Ary's primary field of expertise is in database and security coding and set-ups but also teaches at one of the many Universities in Yogyakarta and one of the most influential Graphics departments in the world.

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