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Who can advertise on Lake Macquarie Local?

Any business based in or around the Lake Macquarie area and others who supply services to the Lake Macquarie region. We want to support primarily Lake Macquarie businesses however we also want to assist those wishing to move to the town and area in their setting up home here, thus adding to the growth of the town. We do however reserve the right to refuse notices or advertisements on the basis on content.

Do you place community notices on the website?

Unfortunately we are not in a position to accommodate all notices however please contact us as we do and will sometimes have, as my old English teacher once said "[there are always] exceptions to the rule."

How do I place an ad on the site?

Either EMAIL US with all the details [we cannot guarantee ALL content will be included] or fill in our convenient BOOKING FORM. All accepted advertisements and listings will be invoiced for payment.

Alternatively you can contact us by phone during our office hour which are from 10am to 8pm

How do I pay for my ads or sub-domain?

As there will, in most cases, be discussion as to the content of the ad or sub-domain we will invoice you by email with either PayPal [including Credit Card] or Direct Debit options for Payment. Ads will be included on the site on receipt of payment.

We will be including the option to pay direct by PayPal [including Credit Card] on the site very soon for the basic advertising and Sub-Domain options.

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